Security & Law Enforcement

The ability to live in a safe and secure environment is considered to be a basic requirement for all mankind. It is the combination of dedication and perseverance that our Law Enforcement and Private Security Officers put into their professional lives that we are able to live with the certainty that our Safety is in good hands.

Here at ATS, we recognise the fact that our Law Enforcement Officers require that certain advantages in winning the war against Crime and Terror. We are here to offer that Advantage. Our range of security related equipment includes the Automatic Licence Plate Recognition System or “ALPR” in short from T3 Motion which can be used to screen motor vehicles in split seconds while conducting road blocks, security checks or in covert operations; the T3 Motion IED Containment Device which is used to significantly reduce the explosive lateral forces of an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) during detonation while remaining light weight and easily deployable; the Armour Tactical Insert which is designed to be worn under the bullet proof vests to significantly reduce injuries caused by ballistic impacts and the T3 Motion Door Breach Bladder which is essentially a pliable polymer that creates a controlled and concentrated blast, keeping personnel and occupants safe while eliminating slippery floors and surfaces which can hamper critical tactical movements.