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A PIONEER IN LIQUID FERTILIZERS TECHNOLOGY, GROWTH PRODUCTS has been developing, manufacturing and marketing specialty high quality fertilizers for the past 25 years.

GROWTH PRODUCTS provides growers with the versatility of foliar fertilization, controlled release fertilization or fertigation. We offer a complete range of N-P-K blends, Slow Release Nitrogen, Chelated Micronutrients, Biostimulants, Soil Amendments and Biological Useful Bacteria.

These extensive products mix allow grower to tailor an effective nutritional management strategy to improve turf quality, reduce disease, boost crop yield and enhance soil quality.

Liquid Slow Release Fertilizer
Natural Organics

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Nutri DG

Dispersibility is what makes NUTRI DG unique . You begin to see the effects within a few seconds upon contact with water. You begin to see the effects within a few seconds upon contact with water.Typically, 2 – 3 sprinkle head revolutions or 3mm of precipitation is adequate to disperse each granule into approximately 24,000 microscopic particle. These micro particles move through the canopy into the root zone.

NutriDG1 A Nutri DG particle is watered in and rapidly disperses within minutes into hundred thousand particles into the soil.
Humic Solutions

Humic acid is a natural soil conditioner, organic chelator and microbial stimulator that provides the following benefits to your soils and plants:

Provides an oxidized carbon source, biologically effecting the soil, chemically and physically, leading to long term reduction of soil compaction

Sequesters water and enables better water penetration in the soil, resulting in reduced water requirement

Chelates soil micronutrients, increasing their availability to the plant

Increases CEC and improves productivity of low organic matter soil.

Enhances efficiency of soil and applied nutrients while increasing uptake of N & P